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Towed target KT-04 was part of the training complex of the L-39th He was towing aircraft L-39V . The target is all metal self-supporting wing. Does SOP, VOP has. The fuselage is in three parts. The front suspension is a device for connecting ropes, landing parachute, his opening mechanism, electrical control system and battery. Under the central part is composed of an air bag suppression landing and two hangers for wheeled dollies. Inside is a pneumatic installation with a bottle of compressed air to inflate the shock absorbers (balancing bellows compensator). The rear part carries the vertical tail plane and aerodynamically ended. TTD: length: 4.9 m range: 5.3 m Height: 1.2 m Wing area: 3 m2 takeoff weight without chassis: 110 kg source: L + to C. 19/1978, page 78

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