P32135 KT-03 tow target

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P32135 KT-03 tow target scale 1:32 - 54 resin parts - 4 sheet A5 of photoetched parts - 16 Aluminiu, and brass parts - rods - plastic parts - decals and small gift....

Czechoslovakia, constructed in the years 1957-1959

Towed target KT-03 (manufactured 1961-1970) was towing aircraft MiG-15. The target is a metal with trupen square section, covered with duralumin sheet. In front of the shock absorber for landing by parachute in the back of the landing parachute is stored. Start is performed on a three-wheel chassis, which lands on a parachute.

Technical info:
Length: 6.65 m
Wingspan: 7 m
Take-off weight without chassis: 112 kg
The total weight of the chassis: 267 kg
Max. towing speed 6000 m: 780 km / h
Length of start: 1600 m

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