P32088 B-25 Cockpit details

P32088 B-25 Cockpit details - Enlarge picture
Producer Profimodeller
Cat.no P32088
Term of guarantee 24 months
Available 20 pieces
Time of shipping 10 days

Price without VAT 412,40 CZK
Price including VAT 499,00 CZK

Item specifics

P32088 B-25 Cockpit details, includet: Resin and PE parts
- full detailed tunel from fusselage to Nose, with electricity
- seat belts
- 3D instruments panel, middle panel, roof panel and side panel
- full detailed NAA pedals
- full detailed hand hydraulic pump (2 modifications)
- emergency canopy oppening
- rocket gun (2 modifications)


in sale from 20.6.2012

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P32088 B-25 Cockpit details - profimodeller.com