P32161 L-39V Tow machine

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32161 L-39V tow tug - converse set 1:32 HpH models
- decals
- resin parts
- photoetched parts

In 1970 , when an intensive examination of the L -39 defined the Department of Defense requirements for development of the aircraft for target towing .

The first version of the towing aircraft L - 39V was built in 1972 as a prototype X -08 engine with AI- 25TL . For winding the rope tow was decided after partial modifications to use the same system that was used and proved for towed versions of the MiG -15 countries.

In the rear cabin was located reel with a steel hawser with a diameter of 5 mm , which powered turbine Pitot L -03 suspended under the fuselage . The turbine should čtyřicetilopatkový rotor and drum drive ran through a reducer. The turbine was designed in the fifties design team Bohuslava Liston and turbine was manufactured in Aeronautical repair shops Malešice . Initially emergency solved mechanically cutting the rope , but it was later replaced by the hydraulic system .

Ground and flight testing of the prototype began in October 1972. Early 1973 was the prototype X -08 replaced the engine and carried him to the test and de-icing .

From July to September 1973 conducted military tests with a target KT -04 standard. After evaluation were minor modifications to the airplane, so on your own target. Verification of changes and tests cutting equipment tow rope was held under supplementary examinations in the period July-September 1974.

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